Laser cutting machines

Laser engraving and cutting machines

What are laser machines? What uses are laser machines? Do you need expenses and no money?

In the article we explain every need for laser machines for drilling and cutting

First, cnc laser machines are very many types and brands, but they have specific uses such as

Drilling and cutting on wood of all kinds of MDF wood, beech wood, counter wood, Swede wood and Appalachian wood

Etching and cutting on acrylic, leather, felt, cloth, foam, cardboard and all non-metallic materials

Is the laser machine drilling into the glass ?

Yeah, working on the glass, just digging, cutting.

What areas can I use a laser machine?

Work laser wood cutting to make Ramadan lanterns, New Year’s Eve lanterns and children’s Bazel gifts
Laser acrylic cutting for promotional gifts, antiques, shields and souvenirs
Laser cutting and engraving leather for shoes and bags
Turn on advertising.
Foam and cardboard cutters in many industries
Garment factories for laser cloth cutting
The manufacture of toys, teddy bears and teaching aids
Manufacture of antiques, antiques, doors, Lightbox, tissue boxes and modern oases
Architectural machinery industry and engineering college projects
Photo studios to make albums wedding wood laser, guestbook and wedding gifts
And the decorations, the wedding halls, and many other areas we talk about in detail.

Any articles, machines, laser Oise test for machine laser suits me

Laser machine sizes are

– 40x60cm laser machine

– 60 x 90 cm laser machine

-100 x 80 cm laser machine

– 140 x 90 cm laser machine

– 160 x 100 cm laser machine

– 130 x 250 cm laser machine

Laser machines with installments

With Sun laser for laser machines, you can install any machine you need without complicated banking procedures.

The installment is direct with the company pay down payment and receive the machine and installments on 12 months

Specifications of sun laser machine

Size according to customer’s choice and field of occupation

Power supply (machine capacity 150W)

Tube 150W compact

Sistem rd viewer for painting

The laser machine has a special contenu which completes the design after the power disconnect

Yuming original machine mechanics with original Motors best laser machine in China

The Machine chassis is very strong, heavy and galvanized against rust

The machine delivers all its components together with the Schiller Freon cw5200

And a smokescreen and an air compressor.

12 months warranty and lifetime maintenance

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